Five Ways to Inject New Life Into Your Overall Well-Being

Life in the 21st century is faster than ever. We work more, relax less, and push ourselves to our limits each day. While some stress is definitely good for us, living in constant chaos can take its toll. Here are some ways you can improve your health and improve your life.

Decluttering to Improve Health

Clutter does not encourage rest, and worse, it can negatively impact health and increase stress. Your best option is to spend time decluttering and organizing your personal space. If you have housemates, get everyone involved. And when you can, donate unneeded or unwanted things. This doesn’t mean leading a minimalist life, mind you, but clearing out rooms creates space for cherished possessions. Once you've organized, assign specific places for items to prevent future pile-ups and keep the home clean. If you don’t have the time or energy, you could invest in an interior cleaning service. It’s an affordable option, as the average cost in Kansas City runs from $100-$200. Of course, make sure you have room in your budget for this expense.

Starting a Sport

Life is more than work and sleep, though both are important. We need to invest in ourselves, and playing a sport or starting a martial art is one way to do that. Group activities nurture discipline, make us work together, and allow us to physically process stress. It’s no secret that working out helps our bodies and minds, but doing so with others can also boost self-esteem. This, in turn, can improve other areas of our lives, such as work and relationships. Just be sure to research any equipment (a good pair of cleats, padded helmets, etc.) you may need before purchasing anything to get top quality for an affordable price.

The Benefits of Sword Fighting

One excellent form of both sport and martial art is sword fighting. There are different varieties, such as HEMA sword fighting. Like other sports, it boosts confidence, increases concentration, and gives us a focus we might not otherwise have. As well, you may notice gains in flexibility, strength, physical stamina, and reflexes as you progress. Before starting, do your research to ensure you get equipment that serves you well yet isn’t overpriced. You may not have considered sword fighting, but it’s a unique and fun way to meet new, like-minded people.

Take a Break

Americans work hard, but they don’t always take enough time off to recover from the loads we bear. You may think that taking a vacation is a luxury, but it can be the difference between success and falling behind. In fact, not only can taking breaks keep us healthy and happy, but they may also benefit our companies. When we come back, we’re refreshed, energized, and often more enthusiastic than before. This can help boost us in areas we might have been struggling in previously. Even if all you can manage is a long weekend, take it, and don’t work around the house when you do; instead, enjoy your time off by doing something you love.

Limit Cravings

Often, we support ourselves through coffee, alcohol, or even technology. If we’re tired from working or not sleeping, we drink a latte to get us through the day. When we can’t unwind, we drink wine and use our phones as a distraction. Instead of relying on these things, which can become unhealthy, do your body a favor and wean yourself off. A cup or two of coffee a day and one glass of wine every other night can be healthy, but dependence leads nowhere good. To cut back and still feel energized, get rest by adopting positive sleep habits and eating well. Healthy food and sleep can boost us in ways stimulants can’t and help us relax.

Take time to explore new avenues, as they may lead you down roads less taken. Devote time to yourself and build lasting relationships. There is no day like today to start living your best life!


Guest author, Jennifer McGregor, runs The site is a pet project by some premedical students who love the opportunity to geek out with medicine and technology while serving the community.

Image courtesy of Pexels