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    Online and In-person                   Classes!                              Sign Up Today!

Honoring Western Martial Arts through close-combat classes for sword enthusiasts of all ages!

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Give us a call or fill out our registry form to start sword fighting classes; we would love the opportunity to show you the ropes.

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Children's Classes

For the small warriors and heroes in training, our youth classes develop confidence, coordination as well as great technique foundations for every type of sword.



Adult Classes

We believe you’ll begin to love swordplay as much as you did as when you were a kid playing in the backyard.


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We love playing with swords and want to include you in our sword fighting classes!

Each lesson is designed to reinvigorate the importance of historical European martial arts traditions including swordsmanship, unarmed combat, dueling, and a variety of other techniques and styles. With more than 30 years of experience, Baer’s commitment to the sport is evident in all that he does, leaving his students prepared and skilled to spar with any opponent.

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Class Schedule


7PM - 8:30PM - Lightsaber Combat Class


5:30PM - 6:15PM - Young Masters Swords Are Awesome Class

6:30PM - 8PM - Lightsaber - 7 Forms Class


6:30PM - 8PM - One Handed Weapons Class


6:30PM - 8PM - Two Handed Weapons Class


10AM - 10:45AM - Advanced Young Masters Class - by invitation only

11AM - 12:30PM - Two Handed Weapons Class

1PM - 1:45PM - Young Masters Swords Are Awesome Class

2PM - 3:15PM - Advanced Adult Class - rank of Low Silver and above

3:30PM - 5PM - One Handed Weapons - Focused Approach Class

See what our combat classes are all about!

  • So, come join us in Kansas City for a class, learn some techniques in a disciplined but student-friendly environment, have a full body work out that's entirely different from anything you've done before, and meet some great people along the way. We can't wait to spar with you!
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Our Battle of Buffalo Tournament was recently featured on the local news in Buffalo Missouri!

See our newest class addition!         The 7 Forms of LightSaber

  • This class features training on the seven forms of lightsaber combat in the area of stage combat. Our students will learn, in depth, each of the seven forms and various combinations of moves designed to create a stunning and exhilarating performance showcasing the use of the power of the lightsaber. This class is not our traditional combat-focused class but incorporates combat moves in a stage format for those more interested in the performance and form rather than a combat approach. This class will still give a full workout and add flexibility as well as some additional grappling and tumbling moves that traditional sword fighting and lightsaber combat may not offer routinely. It is also a great compliment to our full combat classes.

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