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Honoring Western Martial Arts through close-combat classes for sword enthusiasts of all ages. We provide the same type of next-rank testing system as we do with our adult classes, kids can work up the levels to higher and higher education. See our student rankings below:

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High gold

coming soon

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Low Gold

  • Sam Brian- Long Sword
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High Silver

coming soon

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Low Silver

  • Nora Crowley- Long Sword
  • Bryan Howard- Long Sword
  • Phil King- Long Sword
  • Kirby Urbanek- Long Sword
  • Coleby Grammer- Long Sword
  • Chris Preyer- Long Sword
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High Bronze 

  • Rob Davis- Long Sword
  • Shannon Golden- Long Sword
  • Kent Plumb- Long Sword
  • James Glackin- Long Sword
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low bronze

  • Ken Jones- One Handed
  • Bryce Lowman- One Handed
  • Chris Preyer- One Handed
  • Ken Jones- Long Sword
  • Rowan Ryan- Long Sword
  • Chris Mitchell- Long Sword
  • Josh Allen- Long Sword
  • Weston Price- Long Sword
  • Kameron Hind Long Sword
  • Eric Siley- Long Sword
  • Robert Earl Barnhill- Long Sword
  • Jonathan Fryer- Long Sword
  • Cole Ivey- Light Saber
  • Roger Ivey- Light Saber
  • Jude Carmona- Light Saber
  • William Rossi- Light Saber