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Honoring Western Martial Arts through close-combat classes for sword enthusiasts of all ages. We provide the same type of next-rank testing system as we do with our adult classes, kids can work up the levels to higher and higher education. See our student rankings below (click on the arrows to see the slide show for each rank):

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  • Sam Brian - High Gold 2-2019.jpg

High gold

  • Sam Brian- Long Sword
  •  www.baerswords.com

Low Gold

coming soon

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  • Nora Crowley Youth High Silver May 2019.jpg
  • Rob Davis High Silver May 2019.jpg

High Silver

  • Nora Crowley- Youth Long Sword
  • Rob Davis- Long Sword
  •  www.baerswords.com
  • Phil and Bryan Low Silver .jpg

Low Silver

  • Bryan Howard- Long Sword
  • Phil King- Long Sword
  • Kirby Urbanek- Long Sword
  • Coleby Grammer- Long Sword
  • Chris Preyer- Long Sword
  • high-bronze-59a5aac736387.png
  • Jude Carmona - High Bronze - 2-2019.jpg
  • Walker Goss Youth High Bronze May 2019.jpg
  • Alexander Jones and Drogan Moore High Bronze May 2019.jpg
  • Travis Price High Bronze Longsword May 2019.jpg

High Bronze

  • Shannon Golden- Long Sword
  • Kent Plumb- Long Sword
  • James Glackin- Long Sword
  • Jude Carmona - Light Saber
  • Walker Goss - Youth Long Sword
  • Alexander Jones - Youth Long Sword
  • Drogan Moore - Youth Long Sword
  • Travis Price - Long Sword
  •  www.baerswords.com
  • Amanda Miller - Low Bronze - 2-2019.jpg
  • Cody - Low Bronze - 2-2019.jpg
  • Youth 2-2019.jpg
  • Alexander Jones and Drogan Moore High Bronze May 2019.jpg
  • Phil King Low Bronze Lightsaber May 2019.jpg
  • Travis Price Low Bronze One Handed May 2019.jpg
  • William Rossi Low Bronze One Handed May 2019.jpg
  • Wyatt Meriwether Low Bronze Longsword May 2019.jpg

Low bronze

  • Ken Jones- One Handed
  • Bryce Lowman- One Handed
  • Chris Preyer- One Handed
  • Amanda Miller- Long Sword
  • Cody Rasmussen - Long Sword
  • Ken Jones- Long Sword
  • Chris Mitchell- Long Sword
  • Josh Allen- Long Sword
  • Weston Price- Long Sword
  • Kameron Hind - Long Sword
  • Eric Siley- Long Sword
  • Robert Earl Barnhill- Long Sword
  • Jonathan Fryer- Long Sword
  • Cole Ivey- Light Saber
  • Roger Ivey- Light Saber
  • William Rossi- Light Saber
  • William Rossi - One Handed
  • Aria Rossi - Youth Long Sword
  • Rowan Ryan- Youth Long Sword
  • Phil King - Lightsaber
  • Travis Price - One Handed
  • Wyatt Meriwether - Long Sword