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Class Descriptions

adult class types

Two Handed Weapons:

Two-Handed weapons are the largest of the hand-held weapons and have been popularized throughout history. Two-Handed weapons were far more suited to battlefield combat. These larger weapons were a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield but were costly to make. However, the power that these weapons offered, both physically and psychologically, was well worth the cost of making them. The two-handed weapons used in our sword fighting classes will vary and include long sword, staff, and spear. Grappling with and without weapons is also covered at regular intervals in the two-handed weapons classes Weapons: Long sword, spear, staff, grappling, and sword grappling.

One Handed Weapons Include:

One-Handed weapons were very useful in close quarters, especially in a formation battle in which there was very little room to maneuver. The lighter one-handed weapons like rapiers, daggers, and sabers were usually favored in duels and street fighting. One of the main advantages of using one-handed weapons over two-handed was that they could be carried in one hand and paired with a shield in the other. During our one-handed sword fighting lessons, we will teach the techniques and principles that are most effective for this style of combat. Weapons: Saber, Rapier, Florentine, Single Stick, Broad Sword, Sword and Shield

B.O.S.S. fights

(Baerswords Open Sparring Session) (Must have attended one instructor -led class before attending) One hour open sparring sessions for our students to utilize the skills they have learned with others in the same skill range using the weapon(s) of their choice. During these sessions, there is no formal instruction and they can choose who and how long they fight during the one hour time frame. Every Monday from 6:00 – 7:00 PM!

Long Sword Spar 2:15 seconds

Children class types

Swords Are Awesome Classes

All heroes learn from someone and we provide all the hero-in-training techniques and gear needed (except for the capes!). If you’re looking for a fun way to get your child involved in a unique sport, it’s definitely time to get them started in some real swordplay.

Our kids’ classes are specifically designed to foster a love for swordplay in both children and early teens. Using the type of wooden swords and power sabers that all adults wished for as kids, each class and sparring session is extremely safe, as no sharp edges are ever introduced.

  • Our children’s classes teach control, respect, honor and proper technique—all while learning how to sword fight and have fun. Focus for these classes is broadsword in general and, as the students’ progress, other weapons/techniques will be introduced.
  • Classes last 45 minutes and will begin with basic movements using wooden waster swords and power sabers.

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