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Attendance Policy


All participants are requested to pre-enroll in classes to secure a spot in their desired class time. All classes are capped at 14 participants except BOSS Fights, which are capped at 8. If you are unable to enroll prior to the cap then your name will be added to a waitlist. If you have pre-enrolled in a class and can no longer attend, you will be required to cancel your enrollment prior to the class start time to allow for another participant on the waitlist to attend the class. If you are on the waitlist you will need to wait until a spot opens to attend the class. The system will notify you directly if space becomes available. Please Note: Once you arrive to class you will still need to check in at the kiosk or via your phone app to change your status from enrolled to checked in for that specific class. Enrolling in the class is not the same as checking in to class.

This policy is intended to ensure we have the resources necessary to run each class safely and effectively. Please Note: If you fail to enroll in the class and show up, you run the risk of not being able to attend the class if it is already full and will be asked to wait until the next available class. Additionally if you enroll in the class and can no longer attend and fail to cancel your enrollment prior to the start of class, a class will be deducted from your package or you will be charged $10 cancellation fee for the class.

To enroll in classes you can go to our schedule page via the website or log in to your Baer Swords app directly. It is recommended that you save your Baer Swords app to your home screen on your phone for easier access. If you are unsure how to enroll in classes, please ask.


All participants must sign in at the Front Desk prior to your scheduled class to change your status from enrolled to checked in.


If a participant is late to class, they will need to check in with the front desk or instructor on duty to determine if they will be able to attend class. We typically will extend a 5-10 minute grace period as long as the class is still in the middle of the group warm up, but ultimately it is at the instructors discretion and safety assessment. If the class has commenced the skill portion of the class then the participant will be asked to attend the next scheduled class of the day. This policy is meant to ensure that classes run on schedule and in a safe manner. We value your safety as well as our participants and instructors time, and we ask that all of our participants respect this policy and make every effort to arrive on time, if not early for class. Additionally, if a participant is consistently late to class and it appears they are abusing the late policy, the member will be asked to attend the next available class of the day.