Earn Rewards

You can earn points to redeem towards gear, lessons, and membership Dues! 

Earn (1).png

Ways to earn reward points:

Book your class online or from your app - 10 points

Attend 2 classes per week - 100 points

Refer a student that signs up for a membership - 500 points

Write a review and sharing on Facebook - 100 points

Have a birthday - 100 points

Reach a Baer Swords anniversary as a student - 100 points

Sign up for a Membership - 200 points


Redeem Points:

Baer Swords T-Shirt (limit 2X/yr)- 350 points

20% off in -store purchases (limit 2X/ yr, can be used with membership discounts too! *cannot be used in conjunction with any other sales) - 2000 points

Free $20 Gift Card (limit 3X/yr)- 1500 points

Free one hour private lesson (limit 2X/yr)- 1500 points

Free month of membership dues (limit 2X/yr):

  • Gold Membership - 1400 points
  • Silver Membership - 1400 points
  • Bronze Membership - 340 points
  • Weekend Warrior Membership - 750 points

**Point totals are reset on Jan 1st of every year**